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  • I/We hereby authorise Chartsbridge Group Limited to proceed for the full recovery of the outstanding sums as declared herein. This authority shall be granted as sufficient warrant and indemnity to Chartsbridge Group Limited against all actions at law, costs, charges or expenses that may be incurred or that may arise by reason of execution of this warrant.
  • I/We hereby shall not hold Chartsbridge Group Limited accountable for any goods forcibly or clandestinely removed.
  • I/We confirm there is a written tenancy in place.
  • I/We confirm the written tenancy agreement relates wholly to commercial premises only.
  • I/We confirm the amounts instructed above are for unpaid rent, VAT and/or interest only.
  • I/We confirm that I/we have authority to instruct Chartsbridge Group Limited to act as Enforcement Agents on behalf of the landlord.